About the counselor

Serving with purpose

 My name is Amy Hall and I am Perry High School's Counselor. I have been in the district for over 17 years serving in several different positions including; reading tutor, classroom teacher, cheer sponsor, district test coordinator, social media coordinator, and recently transitioned to the high school counselor position. I raised my family in Perry and have three daughters who graduated from Perry High School. My main passion is to guide and support students in their needs, both in and outside of the classroom. My own interests as a school counselor are maintaining a high graduation rate, helping students explore career options and opportunities, and providing academic and emotional support. I offer various services such as one-on-one and group counseling sessions, career planning, parent-teacher conferences, schedule inquiries, and references for outside mental health services. This is a safe space to ask questions, seek resources, and learn! Do not hesitate to do any of the above as this website is dedicated to you. 

My mission statement aligns with The Perry Board of Education, believing that each child develops mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally at his or her own rate. This growth is a continuous process that can be both molded and directed. Thus, in planning educational experiences and in adapting teaching/counseling methods to meet individual growth patterns, the school must guide the child at his rate of maturation and learning potential.

If you do not want to share public comments/concerns, please know that you can reach me through my school contact information. You will find this information by clicking the "Contact" tab.