A note to students & parents

Students and parents- I am obligated and committed to respecting and maintaining your confidentiality unless you have provided information that puts you or others in a harmful or dangerous situation. I value your needs and concerns which means I will always request consent in confidential matters. My number one priority is student welfare. Please know and understand your rights as a student or parent. If you would like to learn more about confidentiality, click the link below: 


My counseling services align with the ASCA model in order to ensure that I fulfill the needs of my students:
Foundation- basis for counseling program
 Management- organizational work to implement program
Delivery-services to students
Accountability-responsibility of the school counselor

Students,  my services can be accessed through scheduling a meeting in the counseling office or filling out a referral form (see below) and either email it to me or drop it by the office.  If you want additional sources such as access to community support, college information, or mental health needs, I have included links to helpful websites under the "Resources" tab. Parents, please do not hesitate to contact the guidance office if you would like to schedule a conference. If you have other or additional inquiries, contact me is through my e-mail amyhall@perry.k12.ok.us.  I look forward to communicating with you so that we can collaborate as a team to invest in your child's education!

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